Are You Ready to Change Your Lifestyle to Help Your Body Heal?

Patients struggling with chronic health conditions need to change their lifestyle to promote healing.  Are you ready for that change?

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Emotional Endurance

Your healing journey will require hard work and sacrifice.  Learn why having emotional endurance will be key to your success.

Cleaning Up Your Eating

Are you wanting to clean up your eating lifestyle but confused with where to start? You will learn exactly what you need to know.

Detox and Heal

Dr. King teaches you how to detoxify your body, along with how to heal your gut lining to support your immune system!


Included in the Course:

  • What emotional endurance is, why it is important for your healing, and how to strengthen it.
  • How to build a support team to help you heal; including a Members Only private Facebook group.
  • Resources to encourage learning; Dr. King's favorite cookbooks, social media accounts and healthcare books.
  • How to transform your kitchen with the appliances that will make your lifestyle changes effortless.
  • Dr. King's Healing Food Guide: The foods which promote healing and the foods that create inflammation. Dr. King will teach you exactly how to clean up your eating habits.
  • Dr. King's Recipe Substitution Guide: Learn how to swap out the inflammatory foods with healing foods when preparing Autoimmune Paleo Friendly Recipes.
  • You will learn how and where to shop, along with what to buy.  Including, how to eat at restaurants without sabotaging your healing goals.
  • How to reintroduce foods after performing an elimination diet.
  • Recipes, recipes, and more recipes: many asked and you will receive!!!


  • Dr. King's three favorite liver flushes: step-by-step instructions on how to begin detoxifying your body.
  • How to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome: Dr. King's step-by-step instructions on healing your gut lining to boost your immune system.
  • 5-Tips on Changing Your Eating Habits; written by Certified Sports Nutrionist, Tyler Kalisiak of NutritionAnchor.
  • 5 -Tips on Overcoming the Emotional Hurdles of Changing Your Lifestyle, written by Marriage and Family Therapist, Kelly Jianas.
  • 5-Meditation Tips for Healing Your Body, written by Ashton August owner of YogiApproved.
  • PLUS...1-Month FREE access to YogiApproved, Dr. King's favorite website for everything Yoga inspired!

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"Thank you for the motivating words and including stories of star athletes and other professionals. Before I found Dr. King, I felt alone with trying to naturally treat my Hypothyroid. I knew I didn’t have all the answers and began to work with Dr King. Since working with Dr King, I haven’t felt this good in years! He made me feel like there IS a way to heal and been feeling the benefits. Dr. King is very knowledgeable and his staff his great! Thank you Dr. King you are a godsend."

Gina N.

"My eating habits have taken a full 180 since joining the group. I feel great 👍"

Ariel H.
South Carolina

"Changing my lifestyle was a big undertaking and I didn't know where to start. I am soooo thankful for this online course. Dr. King, you told me exactly what to do to, and made it very easy for me. Thank you! Forever grateful!"

Jessica H.

"Dr King , this is a great source of valuable information ---- all in one place, thanks!"

Dottie D.


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