About Dr. King

Dr. King has been specializing in autoimmune conditions, thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, and gastro-intestinal dysfunction for 12-years.  Using integrative medicine, Dr. King's passion is giving his patients there lives back!

Dr. King and his fiance, Natasha, have both been through their share of health issues.  Dr. King grew up with IBS/LGS, and then unbeknownst to them, they were living in a home with black mold.

The black mold triggered Epstein-Barr Virus to turn on in Natasha, which then caused her immune system to begin attacking her thyroid gland, a condition called Hashimoto's Disease.

After working with patients for 12-years, Dr. King decided to develop an online course that would teach you, the patient, how to begin cleaning up your lifestyle to facilitate your healing journey.  What you will learn in this online course is exactly what Dr. King teaches to his patients.  

If you are ready to begin cleaning up your lifestyle, this course will be for you!



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